The Vision:Rewirement

Rewirement” is the pursuit of goals (contentment, fulfillment, happiness) through strategic changes in approach. Just as an electrician might replace old wiring in your house, modern science has revealed that your thoughts and actions can actually rewire your brain. It is within your power to control and redirect the rewiring.  While inevitable that circumstances change as we progress through life, it is not inevitable that we adapt well to those changing circumstances. Whether recovering from an abusive relationship, struggling with a transition into retirement, or simply overwhelmed by the pace of modern technology, we offer strategies to support your rewirement.

Our vision is a world in which individuals, families, organizations and societies benefit from the undeniable advantages of rewirement.  Our mission is to provide educational services and products that increase awareness of the need for rewirements and paths toward its realization.

As our logo suggests, rewirement (1) requires sustained effort, the kind of persistence that is labeled “sisu” in the Finnish culture, and (2) is a team sport, more likely successful if approached with guidance and support.

We can team with you to help identify and support your "rewirements".

The Goal:Applying Rewirements to Help You Pursue Happiness

We believe everyone is seeking contentment, fulfillment and happiness.  How we define those terms varies, as do the paths for getting there -- but we all are likely to "know it when we see it", when we feel it from deep inside.

  Whatever your starting point , we can offer "rewirements" that could help get you there.



Our Approach:Different life circumstances are likely to benefit from different "Rewirements"


R Relationship Rewirement: Focusing on Those That Matter Most
E Emotional Rewirement: Overcoming Challenging Curveballs of Life
W Worldliness Rewirement: The Advantages of Crossing Borders
I Instructional Design and Technology: A Post-Pandemic Imperative
R Retirement Finance: The Art and Science of Asset Decumulation
E Expectations Rewirement: Fathom Possibilities, Trust Probabilities
M Money Matters: Personal & Family Finance throughout Life Cycle
E Education Leadership: Global Perspectives on Local Imperatives
N Neuroplasticity: The Brain Science That Justifies a "Rewirement"
T Time Rewirement: Our Most Valuable Asset; Learn to Use It Wisely
S Spiritual Rewirement: When Logic and Science Reaches Its Limit

an example of how A rewirement could provide value:Country Differences in Perception of  Happiness

It is chic to talk of attaining a “Life-Work Balance”.  We prefer to focus on the goal of happiness rather than balance.  A scale is "balanced" when the two sides are of equal weight, but happiness is unlikely to follow from a 50-50 split between “Life” and “Work”.  Some measure of “Balance” may contribute to a greater goal, but it rarely is the ultimate pursuit.  However, there is strong evidence that a sense of happiness is highly correlated with efforts to achieve professional and financial pursuits (“Work”) without unduly sacrificing emotional and personal needs (“Life”). Our mission is to suggest pathways toward increased happiness.

At an aggregate level, consider the World Happiness Report 2021: ( 

Using measures of happiness developed by psychologists and supported by academic research, randomly selected respondents in 149 countries responded to a series of questions.  The five Scandinavian countries (Finland, Denmark, Iceland, Norway and Sweden) share a preference for relatively high government tax rates that then provide social support systems presumed to increase work-life “balance” and decrease income inequalities.  The highest seven of the 149 country rankings include all five Scandinavian countries, perhaps suggesting embedded lessons for other countries pursuing greater happiness to consider:

  1. Finland (7.842)
  2. Denmark (7.620)
  3. Switzerland (7.571)
  4. Iceland (7.554)
  5. Netherlands (7.464)
  6. Norway (7.392)
  7. Sweden (7.363)
  8. Luxembourg (7.324)
  9. New (Zealand (7.277)
  10. Austria (7.268)

There is emerging evidence that such composite levels of happiness are statistically and substantively significant at aggregate levels, with correlations to individual preferences, social norms, and public policies.  Learning from others in this context might help steer our own paths to a happiness rewirement.

leadership:Meet Our Team


Jerry Platt
Ph.D, Post-Doc.

Former Business School Dean Specialist in Finance & Data Science

Marjo Mitsutomi
Ph.D. Th.D.

Fluency in Three Unique Cultures Specialist in Applied Linguistics

Bryce Platt
Ph.D. Candidate

Educated across Three Continents Specialist in Applied Technology


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